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Education + Training Skills (ETS) has been accredited with the matrix Quality Standard since 2004. The matrix Standard is the government quality standard for any organisation that supports individuals, enabling them to make informed choices about their future.

The matrix standard recognises ETS’s commitment to exceptional external and internal service whilst demonstrating our commitment to continuously improve.

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This policy clearly states ETS’s commitment to the provision of clear, impartial and effective Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) to learner, prospective learners and employers in order to achieve the strategic aims and objectives of ETS.

The purpose

Information, Advice and Guidance Service is to support enquirers considering to study, partner or work with ETS and to support learners in achieving their aspirations, including their study and career goals. Our service is consistent with the agreed ETS approach to educational support and guidance and is delivered in accordance with the principles of the nationally recognised matrix and Customer Service Excellence quality standards and the Charity’s Data Protection Policy.

Context and Scope

The service we offer promotes clear, coherent and consistent delivery in Information, Advice and Guidance Services. This policy sits alongside our Learning Agreements, Data Protection, Safeguarding (including Prevent Duty), and Equality and Diversity policies as integral components for delivery of ETS’s Mission, Vision and values.

The statement of service

The policy statement below sets out ETS’s service in summary and is available to all clients at all centres and is accessible from the ETS website

The service is designed to assist all our customers, learners and employers, to make informed decisions about training opportunities, improving job prospects and/or skills, obtaining qualifications or just making the most of the current job role.

ETS’s Services

ETS offers:

  • Information and Advice on local and national learning and training opportunities including Apprenticeships, Advanced Learner Loans, QCF Qualifications, Functional Skills (English, maths and ICT) and Continuous Professional Development.
  • A clear and published Statement of Service
  • Appointments for IAG interviews and Organisational Needs Analysis
  • Access to IAG resources in a range of formats including online to ensure the full range of options are explored
  • Referral, where relevant to other quality learning providers where ETS cannot meet the perceived needs
  • Confirmation of IAG session outcomes, in writing
  • A willingness to research information not readily available and a commitment to communicate the results to the customer within 10 working days
  • An opportunity for everyone to make comments on the IAG services provided by ETS and an easily understood complaints procedure for those who are unhappy with any part of the services provided by ETS.

In addition to the range of information listed above ETS will make available information relating to:

  • Financial contributions associated with programmes of learning or training
  • Details of any financial support available to assist those in learning or training
  • Programme entry requirements, qualifications, accreditations and workloads
  • Different modes of learning available
  • Progression routes into higher level programmes or HE
  • Any relevant employment opportunity.

In addition to the above learners will also have access to information, advice and guidance on:

  • Personal wellbeing, including being healthy, safeguarding and Prevent, safety, staying safe health and safety and equality and diversity
  • Enjoying and achieving by setting priorities for learning, work, leisure and developing work life balance
  • Making a positive contribution by becoming involved within local communities.

Organisational Needs Analysis (ONA)


ETS offers organisations the opportunity to access a free ONA. Working together we can highlight internal business matters where further improvements within your organisation can be made to ensure skills gaps are negated and staff performance is optimised.

The ONA process will analyse the following areas:

ETS Cross Bullet Point   The background, history, current targets and issues

ETS Cross Bullet Point   Key markets, products and services

ETS Cross Bullet Point   Organisation structure

ETS Cross Bullet Point   Any major future changes

ETS Cross Bullet Point   Staff development/skills, leadership issues

An ONA may reveal factors that are impacting an your organisation that have not been previously considered. Our mission is to work with you to agree and provide you with practical, accessible and workable training solutions for your business to prosper.

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