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Organisational Needs Analysis (ONA)


ETS offers organisations the opportunity to access a free ONA. Working together we can highlight internal business matters where further improvements within your organisation can be made to ensure skills gaps are negated and staff performance is optimised.

The ONA process will analyse the following areas:

ETS Cross Bullet Point   The background, history, current targets and issues

ETS Cross Bullet Point   Key markets, products and services

ETS Cross Bullet Point   Organisation structure

ETS Cross Bullet Point   Any major future changes

ETS Cross Bullet Point   Staff development/skills, leadership issues

An ONA may reveal factors that are impacting an your organisation that have not been previously considered. Our mission is to work with you to agree and provide you with practical, accessible and workable training solutions for your business to prosper.

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Introduction to our IAG Service

Education + Training Skills (ETS) has been accredited with the matrix Quality Standard since 2004. The matrix Standard is the government quality standard for any organisation that supports individuals, enabling them to make informed choices about their future.

The matrix standard recognises ETS’s commitment to exceptional external and internal service whilst demonstrating our commitment to continuously improve.

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