Functional Skills ICT:

ETS are delighted to offer the Functional Skills ICT from Entry Level 3 to Level 2. Functional Skills qualifications in information and communication technology (ICT) assess three interrelated skills areas:

  • Using information and communication technology systems
  • Finding and selecting information
  • Developing, presenting and communicating information

Competence in Functional Skills ICT is broadly about being able to:

  • identify the ICT requirements
  • use ICT systems to carry out tasks
  • manage information storage
  • demonstrate how to minimise the risk of computer viruses
  • use search techniques to locate relevant information
  • select appropriate information for the task in hand
  • enter, develop and refine information using appropriate software
  • use data handling software
  • use communications software
  • combine and present information that are fit for purpose and the audience
  • evaluate the use and the selection of the ICT tools and facilities used

Achievement of these qualifications will allow learners to develop the knowlegde and skills to be able to communicate with confidence, effectiveness and with an increasing level of independence.