Resilience at Work




ETS is pleased to offer a day of invigorating discussion centered around ‘Resilience’ and the effects of ‘Stress and Anxiety’ in the workplace that reduces performance and output.

  • Defining resilience.
  • Fixed and Growth Mindset.
  • Theories of resilience.
  • Exploration of Hardiness & Robustness.
  • Application of resilience, hardiness & robustness in the workplace.
  • Stress and anxiety – what is it?
  • An exploration & explanation of the ‘Triune Brain’ and what this means.
  • The ‘Chimp Paradox’, a metaphorical analogy of Self Awareness.
  • The Inverted ‘U’ Hypothesis – how to recognise the shift in self-stress.
  • Facilitated discussion – Strategy finding session, what can we do?