Positive Leadership





ETS are delighted to offer a one-day course helping leaders and managers to grow their business, productivity and profitability, promote workplace well-being and help people to thrive through positive leadership. The course focuses on productivity, motivation, engagement, resilience, team dynamics and in particular strengths. As leaders, we can achieve the ‘hard’ financial results through ‘soft’ support. This is called the positivity-performance connection.


  • Understand yourself as a leader within the framework of Positive Psychology
  • Identify strengths, passions and values
  • Create a positive working environment and culture and a happy workforce
  • Take care of physical, mental and emotional resources to avoid stress and burnout
  • Focus on people, purpose and wellbeing at work in order to improve outcomes

Key Topics included in the course:

The causes of great leadership – including; happiness, wellbeing, authenticity, strengths, passion, enjoyment, confidence, energy, creativity and meaning. These are the effective factors in enhancing levels of engagement and culture change, because happiness breeds success and performance comes naturally out of this process.