Introduction to HR


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ETS are delighted to offer a one day course, suitable for delegates  looking to expand their knowledge within human resource management. The course will explore the full cycle of the employment relationship, including equality, diversity and inclusion. This will be implicit in all areas of discussion, together with legal considerations.

Outstanding human resource management is a critical component of maintaining  employee well-being in any business, no matter how large or  small.

Human resource (HR) management covers  all things employee-related including recruiting, vetting, selecting, hiring, training, promoting, paying and the termination of contracts of employment.

The course will cover:


  • Writing job descriptions.
  • Creating adverts.
  • Interview techniques.
  • Understanding diversity and inclusion obligations.
  • Understanding legal considerations.

Starting employment

  • Making offers of employment and drawing up contracts.
  • Statutory rights.
  • Employee handbook and policies.
  • Workplace induction.

The employment relationship

  • Psychological contract.
  • Performance management (good and bad).
  • Disciplinary procedures.
  • Grievance procedures.
  • Employee engagement/voice.

Termination of employment

  • Resignation process.
  • Redundancy process.
  • Dismissal process.