Intermediate Excel




The course is designed for delegates who wish to use Excel beyond the basic stage.  They should be able to create and format a workbook containing various types of data; use AutoSum and other simple formulae, and use page setup to ensure the workbook fits on the page when printed.

The course covers:

  • Use Excel functions
  • Customise the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Insert, name, move, copy, delete and group worksheets
  • Use multiple worksheets and workbooks
  • Use various features to manipulate and print large worksheets
  • Create more advanced formulae; use relative and absolute cell references
  • Name cells and ranges and use these in formulae
  • Insert cell comments
  • Use Go To and Paste Special
  • Use advanced formatting techniques
  • Sort and Filter a Worksheet using various types of criteria
  • Create and print at least 2 types of charts