Improving Efficiency Through Outlook




You will be exploring the following concepts that will assist you in your day to day tasks. Here are the best Outlook tips and hints that can make handling your email and appointments quicker and easier.

  • Customise how you view your inbox
  • Make use of favourites
  • Spare yourself repeated typing with quick parts
  • Create an email template
  • Create a new item from the contents of your clipboard
  • Write a message to be delivered at a future time
  • Group messages into conversations
  • Create a folder for common searches
  • Filter emails to find relevant messages
  • Automate recurrent tasks with quick steps
  • Sort your mail with rules & conditional formatting
  • Automatically clear out unneeded messages
  • Recall messages sent in error
  • Delegate access to your mail and calendar
  • Switch between time zones
  • Use natural language to create a calendar event
  • Create outlook “post-it” notes
  • Access your personal email within outlook
  • Connect to your social media accounts
  • Outlook keyboard shortcuts