‘Attitude’ The Game Changer



ETS are delighted to offer a one-day course exploring the following concepts that will raise awareness in your team to promote an exciting change in workplace dynamics.

  • Goal Setting (inc GROW Model)
  • Mindfulness & Competency Awareness
  • Performance Analytics
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • The Bystander Effect (Social Apathy)
  • Growth Mindset & Resilience

The day will conclude with a self-generated Performance Profile from which SMART(er) Goals can be set and implemented.

Come and see how to create a collective & positive ‘State of Mind’ within your team.

“Fantastic session today with Daz Davey from Currere Performance Coaching and Education + Training Skills working on Attitude – The Game Changer with some of the team. Definitely recommend to any company. Amazing how attitude influences you more than knowledge & skills!”