Education + Training Skills (ETS) delivers work based learning in the Business Administration, Customer Service, ITQ, Management, Team Leading, Health and Social Care, Cleaning and Environmental Support and Estate Agency sectors. Recycling facilities on site are minimal; however, we do recycle card, paper and toner cartridges. We also donate, where possible, equipment we no longer require.

To further reduce our carbon footprint, ETS uses One File, an electronic portfolio system designed to reduce the amount of paper and bureaucracy which is involved in the qualification process. The added value of this method of delivery is that the number of visits to learners is reduced and there are no wasted visits due to learners forgetting to have their portfolio available.

ETS are also building up a bank of resources on One File and will be utilising End Point Assessment Organisation electronic resources which will mean that learners will be able to choose the distant learning route which will further reduce the amount of car travel required for journeys to off the job training.

Protection of the environment in which we all live and for future generations is part of ETS’s values and principles, which is considered as sound business practice. One of the key responsibilities of the organisation is ‘care of the environment’ and an important part of the way in which we deliver our business.

ETS has a clear Sustainable policy which is based on the principles of:

  • Complying with, and exceeding where practicable, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice;
  • Protection of the environment through striving to prevent and minimise our contribution to pollution of land, air and water;
  • To manage and dispose of all waste in a responsible manner;
  • Seek to keep wastage to a minimum and to maximise the efficient use of materials and resources;
  • Provide training and guidance to staff, so that all work is in accordance with and towards the achievement of the policy and action plan. To create an environmentally aware culture to ensure that all are committed to implementing and improving it;
  • Integrate sustainability considerations into all of our business decisions;
  • Maximise sustainability of all office and transportation activities;
  • Review and report annually and continually strive to improve sustainability performance.
  • Dispose of its waste using a registered waste collector
  • Observe and comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations. 

This action plan will be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary. The senior management team endorse this action plan and are fully committed to its implementation.

Richard Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer