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Subcontracting Statement Education and Training Skills (ETS) contracts with Devon and Cornwall Police (D&CP).

D&CP act as a delivery partner (sub-contracted) to provide the majority of teaching learning and assessment against the Emergency Contact Handler Apprenticeship curriculum. We use D&CP as the subcontractor as they are able to provide the opportunities and the niche expertise to deliver against the apprenticeship curriculum which is specialised and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the D&CP Apprentice Emergency Contact Handler. Without D&CP acting in this capacity, ETS would not be in a position to meet all the knowledge and skills requirements or provide the necessary facilities to guarantee the apprentices achieve well.

ETS is committed to achieving outstanding teaching, learning and assessment, and this is demonstrated through this partnership which assumes an understanding of shared values that puts the apprentices and the employer at the centre of what we do.

The partnership arrangement ensures that the quality of provision is well directed and managed by ETS; an organisation with over 50 years of apprenticeship delivery experience. Our longstanding knowledge of apprenticeship quality and perfomance guarantees that D&CP delivery and management teams receive the very best advice, guidance and quality support to enable them to deliver high quality apprenticeships.

As a minimum ETS will carry out and provide the following Quality Assurance and support activities with our sub-contractor(s):

• Dedicated contract manager
• Dedicated quality manager
• Dedicated Training Co-ordinator
• Dedicated Safeguarding Officer
• Administration of Learner and employer surveys
• Administration of MIS, Audit and ILR services
• Desk top checks and due diligence visit for new providers
• Annual due diligence review for existing providers
• 3 Quality Assurance visits per year, (of which at least 1 will be a short-notice visit if possible), and will include face to face interviews with learners and staff. Visits will be announced.
• 3 sample file checks – at least one will be a short-notice sample.
• Checks to ensure learner eligibility and existence.
• Observations of advice & guidance, assessment and teaching and learning practise.

ETS will provide a programme for each visit as follows:
• Visit agenda
• Quarterly contract management meetings, with the authorised representative of sub-contractor. These meetings may coincide with Quality Assurance visits
• Monthly standardisation meetings
• Monthly quality assurance meetings
• Annual survey of learners (FE Choices as a minimum)
• Annual survey of employers (FE Choices as a minimum)
• Monthly audit of MIS data including enrolment forms and attendance records
• Monthly review of learner documents including tracking records, reviews and ILPs
• Bi-annual review of the sub-contractor success rates, self-assessment process and Quality Improvement Plan.

ETS may require the sub-contractor to undergo the following quality improvement measures, at a cost to the sub-contractor in accordance with ETS’s published fees:

• Additional standard or short notice visits
• Additional survey of learner or employer views
• Lesson or assessor observations
• Staff CPD
• Consultancy from ETS or other external consultant

Subcontractor Name Devon and Cornwall Police
Funding Organisation SFA
Programme CMCU App L3
Year 2020-21
Total Value £354,921
D&C Police Payment £237,703
ETS Payment £79,959
Skills for Justice £37,260