ETS are delighted to announce that we have maintained the Customer Service Excellence Standard for the 9th year. We received some outstanding feedback that can be found below.

There is a definite overall continuation of the successful drivers, shown in the past, that ensure customers are receiving a high standard of service. This is highlighted, by both customers and partners, by the positive action given to responsiveness to personal needs, plus your flexibility and adaptability.

This assessment visit was able to hear good evidence on how you are actively responding to considerable change, maintaining the customer at the heart of service improvements and delivery.

The service has many impressive features which includes building good working partnerships with new employers.

The CEO Hub, Business executive support service, to offer all organisations the opportunity of accessing a free Organisation Needs Analysis, as well as a useful network of employers, is commendable.
The emphasis on outreach work is also very commendable. This includes visits to schools, improvements in publicity fliers, a more accessible Website and your General Manager being a director of Devon and Cornwall Training Provider