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Organisational Needs Analysis (ONA)

ETS offers all organisations the opportunity of accessing a free ONA. An ONA can provide solutions to business issues that confront an organisation, whether that concerns skills, performance, managing change or leadership. The ONA will assess the factors affecting the business and propose solutions. An ONA can assist ETS in proposing tailor made solutions for your organisation.

The ONA process will analyse the following areas

ETS Cross Bullet Point The background, history, current targets and issues

ETS Cross Bullet Point Key markets, products and services

ETS Cross Bullet Point Organisation structure

ETS Cross Bullet Point Any major future changes

ETS Cross Bullet Point Staff development/skills, leadership issues

An ONA may reveal factors that are impacting an your organisation that have not been previously considered. ETS want to be able to offer you the best solutions for your business to prosper.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

A free, confidential, impartial, unbiased and objective IAG service covering training, skills and qualifications needed for your career progression and CPD.

Support during any course of training to assist your learning, personal development and career opportunities:

ETS Cross Bullet Point Advice and services to enable effective training for all

ETS Cross Bullet Point Telephone and internet services providing information, advice and guidance

ETS Cross Bullet Point Written information on all courses and opportunities that we offer

ETS Cross Bullet Point Signposting and referral service to quality training providers and sources of information where we are unable to assist.