Armed Forces Support Schemes



Education + Training Skills strive to support members of the Armed Forces in developing their professional development and resettlement training

Many Members of our team are ex-military or have connections to the forces community, so we understand the transition from the forces to civvy street. Whether you are currently serving and are planning your future civilian career, or, you have already served and are looking for qualifications to start a new career – as a charity we are here to support your journey.

Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme


The ELC scheme is designed for members of the Armed Forces, providing financial support for higher level training courses. ETS is an ELC Approved Provider and are here to support individuals wanting to access financial support under the ELC scheme.

Our ELC Training Provider number is 10319.

Please note that whilst ETS is an ELC Approved Training Provider, not all of our courses can be supported by the ELC scheme. ELC funding is only available for programmes that result in a Nationally Recognised Qualification at level three or above on the National Qualification and Credit Framework. 

ELCAS Courses

Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership

Course Code: 601/1195/1

Course Fee: £2,500.00

Qualification:  Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership

Awarding Body: CMI

Guided Learning Hours: 105

Level 5 Diploma in Management Coaching and Mentoring

Course Code: 601/0103/9

Course Fee: £2,500.00

Awarding Body: CMI

Guided Learning Hours: 285

Level 4 Diploma in Management and Leadership

Course Code: 601/0100/3

Course Fee: £2,500.00

Awarding Body: CMI

Guided Learning Hours: 145

Professional Diploma in Accounting - Level 4

Course Code: 601/6551/0

Course Fee: £2,500.00

RQF/SQA Level: 4

Awarding Body: AAT

Guided Learning Hours: 420

Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping - Level 3

Course Code: 601/8219/2

Course Fee: £2,500.00

Awarding Body: AAT

Guided Learning Hours: 210


Level 3 Diploma in Principles of Management and Leadership

Course Code: 603/2023/0

Course Fee:  £2,500.00

Duration (Days): 366

Awarding Body: CMI

Guided Learning Hours: 175

Level 3 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring

Course Code: 601/0102/7

Course Fee: £2,500.00

Awarding Body: CMI

Guided Learning Hours: 145

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

Course Code: 601/1228/1

Course Fee: £2,500.00

Awarding Body: Pearson

Guided Learning Hours: 360

Advanced Diploma in Accounting – Level 3

Course Code: 601/6554/6

Course Fee: £2,500.00

Awarding Body: AAT

Guided Learning Hours: 390

Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

Course Code: 601/5101/8

Course Fee: £2,500.00

Awarding Body: BIIAB

Guided Learning Hours: 84

Standard Learning Credit Scheme


The Standard Learning Credits scheme allows service personnel to claim funding for learning. These credits are specifically designed for multiple, small-scale learning activities. SLCs can be combined with IRTC (Individual Resettlement Training Costs) for those leaving the Armed Forces; however, they cannot be used with ELCs (Enhanced Learning Credits).

Service Personnel are able to claim 80% of our course fees up to a maximum of £175 per Financial Year.

A £150 course will only cost you £30!

Individuals must take advice from their local Education Officer to understand the eligibility of using SLC for a course. Then follow the procedure of Applying and Claiming.  Please note this should be prior to the starting &/or paying for the course. 

SLC Courses and Application

How to Apply

Prior to enrolling in a course you need to complete the following

  • Complete  MOD Form 1950 
  • Get Line manager’s approval on the form 
  • Submit to your local Education Centre for further approval 
  • Once approved individuals can commit to the course.

The Standard Learning Credit (SLC) scheme supplies financial support, throughout the Service person’s career, for multiple, small-scale learning activities. All personnel using the SLC Scheme must adhere to the rules described in JSP 898, Part 4, Chapter 4 .

To qualify for SLC funding, the course of study must lead to a nationally recognised qualification, have substantial developmental value and directly benefit the Service, unless the activity is being undertaken as preparation for resettlement.

Those claiming support under the Enhance Learning Credit scheme may not also claim simultaneous SLC. In consequence, SLC may not be used to fund an exam for a course of study which has been supported by ELC funding

How to claim your funding

On completion of the course:

  • Submit Receipt of Payment
  • Submit Proof of successful completion to your Unit education centre (RN & RAF need to complete and submit refund forms)
  • Service person will then receive the SLC as part of their pay (depends upon the JPA main cut-off point)

Things to be aware of

SLC is a refund scheme and operates as an annualised allowance from 1 Apr to 31 Mar each year. It does not operate as an account in which the allowance can be carried forward from year to year.

Please Note:

  1. The scheme does not permit retrospective payments from previous financial years, except in exceptional operational or compassionate circumstances. SLC monies are paid to claimants upon completion of learning.
  2. Service person is required to provide proof of payment (receipt or bank statement but not invoice) + proof of completion or attendance along with the relevant refund forms provided for RN and RAF.
  3. Where SLC Course are due to be completed after March Payroll and before the end of the Financial year (31 March) respective SLC claims would normally be processed on 01 Apr and will be applied to the next FYs entitlement.
  4. The Service person wishing to claim SLC against their current FY SLC entitlement must gain confirmation, in writing from the appropriate learning provider by the end of Feb, that they have satisfactorily attending the course and will complete it prior to 31 March.
  5. The SP may then submit their SLC claim, in advance of the March Payroll, to their local Education Centre for processing within the current FY.

Don’t lose out on your £175 per year funding

Available Courses

 We offer a range of Continuous Professional Development Courses that break down the most complex of subjects into easily digestible bite-size chunks. 

  • Customer Service
  • Management
  • Personal Development
  • Digital Skills
  • Teaching Skills
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing