Business Administrator Apprenticeship Standard:

Level: 3

Functional Skills: Functional Skills in English and Maths

On programme duration: Minimum of 15 Months

Who is it for? The Business Administrator Apprenticeship Standard is an excellent way to gain an industry recognised qualification, proving competence within your job role.

This qualification is ideal for those looking to develop their skills within business administration, whether they are new employees who want to learn and progress, or existing employees who are looking to retrain or upskill.

The apprenticeship provides a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviours, which can be gained working across an organisation and its processes. The apprenticeship is a firm grounding in organisational operations and functional processes, as well as the wider working environment. Key responsibilities include developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services. In doing so, the apprentice is expected to work independently and take responsibility for the outcomes of their work, with support of the employer and the training provider. Through working across functional areas, apprentices build team relationships quickly and learn from others to develop specific skill sets.

On Programme Training Training and development takes place during this part of the apprenticeship which may include a qualification if it is identified as a requirement in the standard. Formative assessment of skills, knowledge and behaviours is required in the delivery of the standard and this will be outlined in the assessment plan.

  • Assessment Plan A plan of the apprenticeship on-programme period of learning, development and continuous assessment, managed by the employer and training provider.
  • Functional Skills Level 2 Will be delivered if required, this will include English and Maths.
  • End Point Assessment preparation ETS will provide the mock assessment materials, support and guidance, we empower apprentices to structure learning towards the end point assessment format to assure the best chance of success

Gateway The employer and provider are required to sign-off the apprentice as ready to move on to end-point assessment. To move on to end-point assessment, the apprentice must show evidence of the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours as set out in the standard and have achieved maths and English at Level 2.

End Point Assessment The end-point assessment must demonstrate that the apprentice can perform in the occupation in a fully competent, holistic and productive way.

The assessment plan has three modes of assessment:

  • Knowledge Test The apprentice undertakes a 60 minute 50 question online multi-choice test with four possible answers for each question.
  • Portfolio based interview The Portfolio of Learning evidence is gathered on programme and provides a structure for this conversation. The employer and training provider should review the Portfolio with the apprentice and make a judgement on whether they should be progressed to EPA. The interview assesses understanding and learning shown in the Portfolio; the Portfolio is not directly assessed.
  • Project Presentation The apprentice delivers a 10-15 minute presentation, followed by a 10-15 minute Q&A session, on a project they have completed or a process they have improved. The project is completed from month 9 of the apprenticeship and should be completed prior to EPA being triggered. The project is submitted to the EPAO and they provide a question to answer in the presentation. The presentation should summarise the aim, outcome and responsibilities of the KSBs shown in the project. The presentation should demonstrate how they approached a task and the skills shown in doing so, building towards how they would improve the results going forward. The presentation is expected to be produced using Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Prezi, demonstrating a minimum level of IT skills.

ETS will support you in the selection and allocation of a single independent assessor to see each apprentice through all modes of assessment and assure consistent quality.

Once the Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship is complete, the learning doesn’t have to stop. ETS offers a full suite of programmes designed to take your apprentice onwards and upwards. Their next steps could be Team Leader or Supervisor Apprenticeship Standard Level 3.